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We grow over 100+ types of Scented Leaf Pelargonium, Species and Cultivars.   
We are an Internet based Specialist Nursery and post our amazing Scented Geraniums to all areas of the UK and Ireland.

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Mabel Grey
sherbert lemon scent/aroma
 Highly popular Scented Leaf Pelargonium, possessing a strong sherbert lemon scent/aroma.
Mabel Grey is a very large growing Scented and has an architectural growing habit; she is eye catching, impressive and makes a real statement.  She works really well in a group in a summer garden border as she provides lots of height to the rear.  One plant will readily fill the largest of containers in just one Season.  
She does require regular maintenance and feeding to keep her in top condition, otherwise she is an easy type to care for providing that she is given plenty of TLC.  
With masses of pretty flowers over many months and such a divine scent, if you have the space, she really is worth the effort.
The leaves are an excellent addition to fish dishes and the oils will infuse a lovely natural lemon flavour.  Uses for the lemon scented leaves are numerous; wherever lemon or citrus is required.

Mann's Genevra
citrus scent/aroma
A fairly new addition to our Collection and a very pretty type indeed to have tracked down.

We'll have limited Availability this coming year (2012) whilst we build up our Parent stock.  (Not currently showing on our website)

Mann's Genevra is a Scented Leaf Pelargonium that is not readily available in the UK and Ireland.

lime scent/aroma
 Apologies for the poor quality photo!!
It was taken a couple of years ago on a mobile phone.
We now take Video using a Mino-Flip and lift our photos off it. 
We find we do achieve much better photographic results this way.

Nervosum is one of the stiff upright growing types
and is an excellent all rounder for in the home, garden and containers.

Amazing lime scent/aroma, leaves have many uses.
Larger than average flowers over many months.

apple scent/aroma
For the ardent Grower of Scented Leaf Pelargonium the Species Odoratissmum doesn't need any introduction. This Scented Species is one of the earliest recorded, as far back as the 1600's. A popular choice of Breeders Odoratissmum, with the heavenly scent of fresh apples, would be a Parent to many modern day cultivars.

We still get a great buzz when Visitors to our Nursery experience Scenteds, such as Odoratissmum, for the first time.  Usually the initial reaction is one of total shock that any plant could possibly possess such amazing perfume.  Shock is usually quickly followed by amazement!!  And quite rightly so. 
 A Scented Leaf Pelargonium isn't just a plant
it is a full on Natural Experience
 This is why so many people end up addicted to growing the Scented Group....we should know!!

Old Spice
strong spicy scent/aroma

One of the many 'Fragran' related types Old Spice is a top favourite with our Customers.

A compact and handsome plant Old Spice is ideal
for in the home.  To keep in good health it is very
important to thin out the inner branches and leaves
on a regular basis to allow good air circulation

Easy to care for.

Orange Fizz
orange scent/aroma
Yes, yet another stunner with the most amazing orange scent/aroma.

Easy to care for and flowers in profusion over many months.

A medium sized type with a fairly stiff upright growing habit.
Excellent  in a container or a summer garden; suitable as a house plant as long as the inner branches and leaves are periodically thinned out to allow air circulation.

pleasant scent/aroma

Classified as having a pleasant scent although you wouldn't be able to say for definite what this would remind you of.

A large growing and showy type; beautiful vibrant flowers
set off by a brown splodged leaf.

Makes a real statement in a large container.

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Scented Leaf Pelargonium - Scented Geraniums really are Living Natural Fragrance for Homes and Gardens

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